trampoline and foam pit safety concerns

To all of our customers of Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline

I am sure that most of you have heard the recent news in regards to a fatality of an individual flipping into a foam pit at a local trampoline park. I have had several inquires about the safety of our gym in regards to trampolines and the foam pit during free play, special events and instruction. As stories arise in regards to this accident I do not want individuals to confuse our gym with trampoline parks. Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline is an instructional facility which houses proper equipment used for instructional purposes. It is also a host for many non instructional events in which all safety rules apply and are implemented. With this said below is a list of the safety in place that is required by our USA Gymnastics accreditations, certifications and/or our insurance company as well as some added safety from the owners.

1. Our foam pit is 7ft deep with a trampoline bed located at the bottom with an additional 2ft.

2. No one is allowed to flip into our pit unless they have taken trampoline instruction and have been taught proper instruction on flipping. The pit is designed for instructional purposes however children are allowed to jump in feet first.

3. The pit is fluffed on a regular basis to prevent cube packing.

4. Equipment is inspected daily by the owner.

5. Only one person at a time is allowed on our trampolines.

6. All coaches are USAG safety certified, background checked and First Aid/CPR certified. These certifications are posted in our lobby.

7. Only experienced trampoline coaches teach trampoline.

8. All staff are prepared in the event of an emergency and drilled.

9. Trampolines and foam pit are manned by our staff at all times.

10. Individuals that do not follow our safety rules are asked to leave.

We continually strive to provide a safe place for our customers, as the equipment used on a regular basis does provide an inherent risk of danger. Should you have any questions or concerns please email me.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Sylvia & Heinz Reichelt
Owners & Operators Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline