Scottsdale TNT Explosion

Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) competitive TNT team is called Scottsdale TNT Explosion. It is a great COED competitive sport in which an athlete has the option to compete in any or all of the following: Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline and Power Tumbling. This is an invitational program all athletes must be evaluated by the head team coach.

Scottsdale TNT Explosion is the home of many Junior Olympic, Regional and State Champions. It is the first gym in the State of Arizona to produce a National Jumpstart Team Member and continues its success each year.

Boys and girls interested in this fun and explosive sport are encouraged to tryout!


Firecracker training consists of cardio, strength and flexibility. The student begins to learn the foundation skills of trampoline and tumbling.


Dynamite training consists of cardio, strength and flexibility. This student has a good understanding of the foundation skills of TNT and is now focused on competition routines.


Explosion consists of our athletes that compete in Levels 6 thru 10.

Explosion Elite

Explosion Elite consists of athletes that train at the Elite level of competition. These athletes are level 10 to Elite and are eligible to compete at the National and International Level.

Jumpstart Team

This group of athletes train in addition to their regular team workout for the opportunity to be selected to the National Jumpstart Team in either Trampoline and/or Tumbling.

Olympic Development Program(ODP)

Athletes between the ages of 11-14 that are Level 10 have the opportunity to train in this program to later compete for a spot on the National ODP Team in trampoline, tumbling and/or double mini tramp