Kinder Gymnastics


At SGT we believe that children learn best in a welcoming atmosphere filled with positive reinforcement and happy people. Our kinder coed gym program is designed to use gymnastics and fundamental body movements as a platform to build and strengthen ones’ confidence, positive self-image and problem solving skills in a supportive environment. With weekly gymnastic lessons promoting a confident “I can do that” attitude, children develop skills that lay the foundation for success throughout all aspects of their lives.


Children will explore and learn gymnastic basics from a coach with the assistance of their parent or caregiver. This class is an exciting opportunity to prepare your little one for a class on their own when they are 3. With your help they will get comfortable in the gym and learn about taking turns, sharing, listening and cooperation.

Parent or Caregiver participation required.

Children will learn the foundational skills of gymnastics on the floor, beam, vault, bars and trampoline. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on following instruction and safety. All instruction is specific to this age group.


Age: 5 and under, adult supervision is mandatory

This is a great opportunity to bond with your little one while they have fun, stay fit and make new friends.

Regular Hours:

Tuesday 12PM – 1PM
Wednesday 12PM – 1PM
Thursday 12PM – 1PM
Friday 12PM – 1PM

Summer Hours (End of May thru Early August):

Tuesday 12PM – 1PM
Thursday 12PM – 1PM
Friday 12PM – 1PM

Member – Free / Non-Member: $5 per hour

How do I become a member?

The cost to become a member is $45/year for the first child and $20/year for each additional child. Please inform the front desk staff if you would like to be a member and they can update your account. Membership is good for one year from purchase.


Sign up today with no obligation and discover what class suits your family best.